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What does “Free Range” mean?

Free Range is a legal label claim that is defined as “Allowed access to the outside”.

What does “Raised Without Antibiotics” mean?

Our Chickens and Turkeys are raised on a vegetable diet, and are not fed any antibiotics at any time in their lives. Many poultry growers still use Antibiotics injected into the incubating eggs, in the feed or in the water of chickens and turkeys. At Shelton’s Our Chickens and Turkeys Don’t Do Drugs ™

What are Artificial Growth Stimulants?

Any ingredient other than feed grains, chemical, poison, etc. fed or administered to the birds for the sole purpose of gaining weight, usually in the form of water.

What’s a safe temperature to cook my poultry to?

Poultry is considered fully cooked when it reaches 165 F. Always use an instant read thermometer to check the internal temperature of the meat before serving.

How long has Shelton’s been in business?

Shelton’s Poultry, Inc. was founded in 1924. We’re currently on the second generation of the second family to own the company.

What is easiest way to cook a Shelton’s Turkey?

Wow, a loaded question. Our advice for first time Shelton’s Turkey chefs is to cook the turkey covered at 325 F and at 20 min per pound. Be sure to remove the neck and giblet package before you put it in the oven. Take the cover off of the turkey for the last 30 minutes and baste the skin to allow it to brown to golden perfection.