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Chicken Italian Sausage

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Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer this for purchase online. You can see nutritional information and more by browsing this page. To buy this product, please use the button below to find a Shelton's Partner Store near you.

Shelton's has been making great sausage for many years.  We decided it's high time to we offered an incredible Antibiotic Free Chicken Italian Sausage to the family!  

This delicious sausage is made from the best quality Antibiotic Free Chicken meat from Shelton's Premium Poultry, blended together with wholesome spices to give you an authentic mild Italian sausage.  Use it in sauces, pastas, on top of pizzas, or any recipe that calls for a delicious mild Italian sausage. 

All of Shelton's birds are grown in Natural conditions.  We raise our birds without Antibiotics or any artificial Growth Stimulants.  Our Chickens Don't Do Drugs (TM)

Accept no imitations, Taste the Shelton's Difference today.

Ingredients:  Chicken, Sea Salt, Spices, and Paprika, Collagen Casings derived from Beef.

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